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Conference I21: September 5-7, 2024

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Who are we?

COMHINA is a network of missionary expressions that includes local churches, councils, training centers, Christian organizations and mission agencies focused on mobilizing Latinos in the United States. We facilitate collaboration between all parties, building bridges that connect individuals and organizations with information, resources and opportunities to accelerate the spread of the Gospel in places where Christ has not yet been proclaimed. This network is the expression of COMIBAM in the United States (Ibero-American Missionary Cooperation).

Join us!

In the task of reaching the unreached, our strategy is COLLABORATION!
We share resources, join forces and together we take the gospel to those who have not heard of Jesus yet!



Our community is made up of individuals, churches, councils, training centers, and other Christian organizations that share the same goal: to inspire, equip and connect Latinos with opportunities to reach unreached people groups.



To reach the unreached is our mission, but this task is performed through different approaches. Know our interest groups, embrace a cause and get to work!



Throughout the year COMHINA offers several opportunities for individuals, churches, and Organizations to expand their knowledge, receive training or collaborate with other members. Follow our calendar and sign up!