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All Hands In


You can be part of the COMHINA team! 

From the beginning of our history God has used men and women who willingly dedicate their gifts, talents and time to the expansion and strengthening of the Kingdom of God, especially among non-human peoples.achieved.

Joining the COMHINA team is joining a group of people who share the same passion and desire to make the knowledge of the Lord's glory cover the earth, as the waters cover the sea. We need people to help us in different areas, such as graphic designer, writers, translators, administrators, photographers, musicians,  event coordinators, logistics, communication, transport, mobilizers, IT, web design, among others. In addition to volunteers for our national team, we also connect volunteers with other mission organizations that are members of our network. Whatever your ability may be used to fulfill God's global mission (doctors, builders, electricians, cooks, mechanics, artists, athletes, teachers, accountants, etc.)  

Fill out the form below and someone from our team will contact you. 

Become a volunteer with COMHINA

Thanks for signing up to volunteer with us! We will contact you soon.

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